International Law Moot Court Competition

International Law Moot Court Competition

BSO Keilmuan

The International Law Moot Court Society Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia (ILMS FH UI) is a student body in the Universitas Indonesia Law Faculty which facilitate students to participate and develop skills in international inter-varsity mooting.

The goals of the ILMS FH UI include the proliferation of international law mooting (both private and public sector), develop professionalism in both research and advocacy, as well as international networking.

ILMS FH UI realizes that mooting is a perfect exercise for law students to get hands-on legal practice experiences, gain in-depth knowledge on a vast array of law, and more importantly legal English, a skill that is much sought after.

Annually, ILMS FH UI sends teams to international competitions such as the Philip C. Jessup, Willem C. Vis, the maritime, and the humanitarian law moot for the purpose of gaining knowledge and experience, expose students to international legal communities, and most importantly to maintain the legacy of FH UI’s achievements in the international plane.